Katie Cochrane studied with Ayrshire College for five years - now she works on campus as a Catering Assistant

April 7, 2022 -

Katie tells us about her journey through different HIVE (Hope, Inspiration and Vision in Education) courses, which led to her current role with Ayrshire College as a Catering Assistant.

What is your current role at Ayrshire College? How long have you worked here?

My current role in the college is a Catering Assistant and I’ve worked with the college for five years.

Can you give me a brief outline of what your role involves?

My role involves serving the students/staff and doing day to day stock take and putting stock out. And making coffees!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy serving the students and just hearing about their stories and what they’ve been up to.

Why would you say Ayrshire College is a great place to work?

The college really take care of you, it has always felt like a second home to me, and everyone is always so friendly.

What did you study before your current role?

I studied quite a few different courses within The HIVE, including PEZ, PEZ Plus and 24/7.

Did you enjoy them and why?

The courses really helped build my self confidence up and taught me some great communication skills and how to work well within teams.

Would you recommend the course?

 I would recommend all the courses, 100%.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting a course with The HIVE?

I would say go for it – it’s worthwhile and everyone makes you feel so welcome.

How did your college course help you prepare for this role? 

The course helped by giving me good people skills and helped build my self confidence with talking to strangers/ larger groups.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting this career?

My best advice would be - just be yourself! Its an amazing job and every single day is different and you learn some different and amazing skills along the way.

You can view all of our HIVE (Hope, Inspiration, Vision and Education) courses here: https://www1.ayrshire.ac.uk/find-a-course/all-courses/the-hive/

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