#MyMentalHealthMatters: Striking a balance

October 10, 2022 - Chris Boyce

It's World Mental Health Day, and we've asked some of our staff to contribute their thoughts on the subject of mental health and what it means to them.

Chris Boyce, lecturer in Supported Learning, had this to say:

Mental health is a really important issue for me. All of my life I have dealt with anxiety and at times depression too. As a child and younger man, I did not really understand what this was. Now I do and it has helped considerably. This is the reason I will always look for ways to help people and raise awareness about mental health.

Diet and Exercise play a huge part in my positive mental health. Striking a balance is very important for me - time with family and friends as well as getting time to train or run keeps me on the right track. Speaking to my wife is also key when something is troubling me or my anxiety is bad.

My advice is always to know yourself – know when you need help, know what improves your mental health, and know who you can talk to (there is always someone!). When things seem out of control focus on the simple things that you can control.


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