What funding is available?


Funding is subject to certain qualifying criteria as defined by Scottish Funding Council policies with regard to Further Education Funds. This includes residency requirements, parental/spouse income and any previous funding received. If you have previously received Bursary Support from any college you may initially be refused funding.

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Funding for HNC/D Level courses is subject to certain qualifying criteria as defined by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). This includes residency requirements, parental/spouse income and any previous funding received.
Further information is available on the SAAS website at


Please check with the Student Funding Team at the relevant campus to determine if you are eligible or have a look at our Funding Quickguides for more information.

The Student Funding Team

The Student Funding Team are based in each main campus and are there to offer you advice and assistance to ensure that you continue to receive your funding throughout the whole time that you are at college.
If you have questions or need help with any aspect of funding whilst at college then we are always happy to help. It is important however that you are aware that there are certain rules that you are expected to follow and what these rules are.
Please take time to make yourself familiar with the following information as it will help ensure that you receive your payments seamlessly every time.


- You must first return your acceptance form(s) for Bursary and/or EMA to the Student Funding Office
- You must notify the Student Funding Team of any changes to your personal circumstances
- You must notify the Student Funding Team of any changes to your bank account
- You must ensure the Student Funding Team have your current mobile number to allow us to text important updates about attendance and payments
- You are expected to attend all your classes (exceptions apply)
- You must notify your Guidance Tutor when you are going to be absent
- You must ensure you are of good conduct and treat other students and staff with respect
- You must work to the best of your ability and continue to progress within your chosen course
- You are advised to monitor your attendance regularly online even if you know you have not been absent
- You must submit your self-certificates on return to college and within 2 weeks of any absence

Ayrshire College operates an online bursary funding application to improve processes and response times. Students looking to apply for funding including bursaries will be able to do this online. To apply for your funding you will need your Student Reference Number to activate your account. You will receive a text from the College notifying you that your student reference number and the link to online applications has been sent to your registered email address/mailed to your home address.


Tel: 01292 293577


Tel: 01563 495033


Tel: 01294 555322

Visit SAAS for more information on funding available to you.


Ayrshire College operates an attendance policy that is designed to support our students. Continued financial support from Bursary, Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), Childcare and Discretionary funding is not based on attendance alone but a combination including continued engagement, progress and conduct. 

What is an absence and how many am I allowed?

Your attendance is monitored on a regular basis before each instalment is paid. You are expected to fully engage with your College course at all times and register marks may consist with both days you are in class and days you are unable to attend however these have been authorised with a self-certification or an authorised mark by your lecturer.  Days you are not in attendance may be authorised due to your continued engagement. 

An absence is deemed to be any day where you have not been authorised to be absent. You will be allowed up to a maximum of five absences in each semester but only for days you are unwell or unable to attend due to an unexpected emergency (a self-certificate must be submitted online). Self-certificates are not transferable into a new semester. 


How does unauthorised absences impact on my payments?

If you have unauthorised absences for any attendance period, you will be advised your payments have been withheld via your College email or text message.

Payments will only be withheld for the weeks that you have unauthorised absences. You will also be advised of the cut-off date that a self-certificate needs to be submitted to ensure you receive your payments.

Please ensure that you access your College email regularly and provide your current mobile number to ensure you receive all notifications.

Please remember you must submit a self-certificate for release of payment within two weeks of the withheld date. Any entitlement to funds after the two week period will be withdrawn. 


What if I can't maintain my attendance for whatever reason? 

If you are having difficulty maintaining your attendance then please speak to a member of Student Funding or your Student Services Advisor who will be able to offer advice and support.


How do I access my attendance record?

You can access your attendance record at any time even if you are not in college on Moodle or clicking here. From here, you can also submit a self-certificate if you have not been in attendance. This must be done prior to published cut-off dates. 


How do I find out about payment dates and attendance periods?

The payment dates and attendance periods for the Bursary, Discretionary, Childcare and EMA funds are available on the notice board within Student Services.

Funding Quickguides

Student Funding Contact


Tel: 01292 293577


Tel: 01563 495033


Tel: 01294 555322

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