The Student Funding Team are based on each main campus and are there to offer you advice and assistance on any aspect of student support funding which includes Bursary, Education Maintenance Allowance, Childcare and Discretionary Funding.

These funds are here to support you financially while studying at Ayrshire College which can include living costs, travel, course materials and childcare. What you receive will be dependent on eligibility rules which include:

• Where you live, i.e. your nationality and residency status and how long you have resided in the UK and/or Scotland.
• Your course, e.g. whether your course is above or below HNC level, or, full or part-time.
• Your age at start date of the course – different levels of support are applicable subject to age.
• Your personal circumstances, e.g. your income or spouse/parents’ income, marital status, number of dependents, whether you are Care Experienced, etc.
• Whether you have received student funding before.

All students need to apply for funding each year through our College online funding application if studying a Further Education Course. These are all full-time courses below HNC level and are generally between level 1 to 6 on the Scottish Credits and Qualification Framework (SCQF). You will only be able to gain access to the online system if you have been offered a place and invited to apply for funding.

Students studying at HNC or HND level (level 7 and above) need to apply to the Students Award Agency for Scotland at

The Scottish Government have also created a new website - Student Information Scotland at This website has information on all aspects of both Further and Higher Education student funding in Scotland. It also has a useful budgeting tool, funding checker as well as a whole host of other useful information for students.

If you have not already done so then you should apply for your funding as quickly as possible. The Student Funding team are there to help and can offer you advice and assistance to make sure you receive the right level of support.

Discretionary Funding

The College still has funding available to support those who may be struggling financially or if your finances have been directly impacted by the COVID pandemic.

The College Discretionary Funds are used to assist students who endure financial difficulties while attending college.  Its main purpose is to assist students who have their own accommodation and require assistance in paying their housing costs and associated expenses however other forms of financial hardship will be considered. 

If you are struggling financially then there is still time to apply for additional financial support. 

To be eligible you must be a registered student studying a certified course and have applied for and be receiving the full amount of funding available to you. For example, Bursary or Student Loan. 

Evidence for your Application

When you apply, you will be asked to provide evidence to support your application. You must provide:

  1. A recent bank statement covering at least four weeks.
  2. Evidence of your income e.g., SAAS award letter, wage slip, Universal Credit breakdown, etc.
  3. Evidence of accommodation costs e.g., tenancy agreement or mortgage statement.

You can and may be asked to provide additional evidence such as credit card bills, rent arrears statements and evidence of debt repayments. 

Further and Higher Education COVID Discretionary Funding

The Scottish Government has also made additional funding available to colleges that offers emergency financial support to help students who are facing hardship directly because of the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.  Funds are cash limited therefore priority will be given to students who are unable to secure employment because of the pandemic however all eligible students impacted financially by COVID19 can apply. 

These funds are open to all students including: 

  • Non-UK Nationals who cannot normally access living cost support.
  • Part-time students who have lost income during the pandemic. 

When you apply, you will be asked to provide evidence to support your application as above.

For further information or to request an application form please email Student Funding at the campus email account where you would normally attend: 

Tel: 01563 495033


We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section on the College website which is updated regularly which may be able to answer some of your questions.

You can seek advice from the Funding Team at each main campus or by emailing the campus where you attend below:

Ayr Campus -
Kilmarnock Campus -
Kilwinning Campus -

Telephone Number: 01563 495033

Student Funding Service Delivery

The Student Funding Team have changed the way we offer support to our student.

Service Desk

1. The desk will be open Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm each day. Staff will not be available out with these hours at the desk but can still be contacted via email or telephone until 4.45 pm.
2. The main service desk function for the foreseeable future is to assist funding applicants to provide documentation in support of any funding application. Students should submit all documents electronically either through their online account or by email whenever possible. Only students who cannot provide electronic documents should come to the desk for this service. Staff members will assist and take photographic evidence of documents only. Staff will not handle original documents, copies or make hard copies.
3. General enquiries should be emailed to the campus inbox whenever possible or via telephone call.
4. Individual appointment can be arranged if required.

Service provision until full on campus service delivery resumes

1. All fund applications will be processed electronically.
2. All fund payments will be processed remotely.
3. Payment enquiries, general enquiries and advice will be responded to and provided electronically? Whenever possible students are advised to email their enquiries to the Student Funding email account where the course is campus based. Call backs will be arranged when required.
4. Both on campus and remote appointments will be available. This may be via telephone or Microsoft Teams/Zoom.
5. Childcare and taxi invoices will be processed remotely.
6. All student related documentation will be processed and stored electronically.

Changes that have been implemented to support a blended service delivery

1. Discretionary and Childcare funding applications are now editable electronic forms which can be emailed to the student to complete electronically and return by email. Students who need to submit documents are strongly encouraged to do this online or to email electronically in which staff can assist by providing instructions via email or telephone.
2. Childcare Invoices are now editable documents that are emailed and can be completed and returned electronically. Hard copies will not be accepted.
3. Award letters are now all sent via the students email account.
4. Acceptance forms are now electronically sent and a reply email has been developed as acceptance of award and the terms and conditions.
5. Microsoft Teams or Zoom will be utilised where possible.

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