Why Learn Accounting?

May 9, 2022 - Jane Moore

Every type of business and organisation needs people with accounting, business, administration and IT skills to help it run efficiently.

We spoke to Kris Conway and Eiblin Powell, HND Accounting students, to find out more about their Accounting career journey.

I’m glad I started at the NC Level 6 course - it’s benefitted me as I’ve progressed to HND

Hi, I’m Kris Conway and I am studying the HND Accounting course at Ayrshire College. I started on the NC Level 6 course and have moved through the HNC, HND and I’m glad I did it that way as it has given me a really good progression route where I have been able to build my confidence with each year I’ve been here.

I am a mature student, with three children and a part-time job with an accountancy business – mainly doing payroll. It’s really challenging managing to keep all the balls in the air. I’m a night owl so I prefer to do my studying late into the night when I can get peace and quiet. It works for me!

Our class are a really great bunch and I get to see them two days a week on campus and one day a week we all work from home and have online classes. I really feel the benefit of being on campus – there are less distractions. Although I have been offered a place at uni next year, I am hopeful that I will be taken on full time at my work and then I can study for the professional qualification ACCA to become a chartered accountant.

As well as great support form all the lecturers, we have also had support from Student Services. They gave a great workshop at the start of the year all about how and when to apply to university and this was so helpful as it told us all we needed to know. It’s good to know help is available if we need it and they are very prompt at getting back to you. Now that I’ve got to know our advisor Nobu, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help if I needed it.

Here is a link to the course I am doing

I love my time at college doing something just for me

Hello! My name is Eiblin Powell and I have been at Ayrshire College for two years studying HND Accounting. I’m a mum to two children and I juggle this responsibility with my full-time course. This is my time where I’m doing something special just for me, and I’m really enjoying the experience. This year I have noticed a big change in my confidence levels, and now I am looking forward to progressing next year to the BA Accounting degree at UWS.

When I compare myself to how I felt when I started, I am really proud of all I have accomplished. When I started at college, I had low self-confidence and I was a bit unsure of who to contact about what. I was too shy to ask for help and relied on my classmates -  who are a great bunch, to help me manage all that is involved with blended learning. We had to learn how to navigate MS Teams, so we could join online classes and hand in work, as well as ‘My Learning’, which is the Virtual Learning Environment where all our teaching materials are stored. It was all new to everyone in 2020, but now we have a mix of face-to-face classes and online classes. It has set us up for university life and hybrid working in the future.

After my year at UWS, I will be looking for a job in the accounting sector. Ultimately, I would like to run my own business. I was interested to hear that the College helps students create a business plan and also has an ‘Enterprising Students Fund’ that you can apply for a grant of up to £5000.


In addition to my course, we have had sessions with a Student Services Advisor called Nobu and she is just amazing – so helpful and friendly! She delivered a workshop about how to apply to university through UCAS and gave us lots of hints and tips. Then she helped me 1-1 with my application because I had been to university many years ago and she also helped with my personal statement. It’s good to know help is there if you need it.

Student Services can deliver workshops covering a wide range of areas such as CV Writing, Confidence Building, Managing Money - your lecturer can organise these.

You can book an appointment to see the Advisor for your curriculum area either in person, over the phone (01294) 555333 or by email: studentservices@ayrshire.ac.uk


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