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    CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership

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    Kilmarnock Campus

    This course is delivered a day a week x 9 weeks. (Additional time is needed for self-directed study and assignment preparation)

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What's Involved?

Designed around the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership, this qualification is aimed at practising or aspiring middle managers and leaders at operational, divisional, departmental or specialist level, who lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver the aims and objectives in line with the organisational strategy. This vocationally related qualification enables managers and leaders to develop their core knowledge, skills and behaviours in a supportive trainer-led and peer supported environment. Further online learning support is made available through the Chartered Management Institute membership and the Management Direct learning portal, for the duration of study.

Course Content

Unit 501 - Principles of Management & Leadership in an Organisational Context

Being equipped with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to manage and lead in a variety of organisational settings is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. This unit has been designed for learners who want to develop or sharpen their professional edge and enhance personal effectiveness. Learners will evaluate the impact of an organisation’s  structure and governance on management and leadership. They will explore theoretical models, management and leadership styles and approaches designed to promote a culture of mutual trust, respect, and support.

Unit 502 - Principles of Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success

The ability to lead individuals and teams to success is arguably the most important skill a manager can possess. This unit focuses on the essential management and leadership skills required to fulfil this challenging but rewarding role. The unit opens by focusing on the theoretical and practical approaches to developing, leading, and managing teams (remote or multi-disciplinary). The manager will look at techniques to assess current and future team capabilities, including the role of recruitment, selection and staff development which supports this. On successful completion of the unit, the manager will not only know the principles of managing individuals and teams, but they will understand approaches for supporting, motivating, and inspiring teams and individuals to exceed expectations.


Two written assignments of approx. 4,500 words will require to be submitted following completion of teaching delivery. Foundation Chartered Manager status and the CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership will be awarded upon successful completion of both assessments. This course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, and forms part of a development pathway with Ayrshire College allowing individuals to subsequently work towards the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership and/or full Chartered Manager status.

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