• Engineering

    HNC Mechanical Engineering

  • SCQF Level

    Level 7

  • Attendance/Duration

    Full-time, one year

  • Start Date

    Aug 2024


Engineers shape the future, influencing every facet of modern life. If you possess a logical and inquisitive mind, enjoy problem-solving, and have a keen interest in how things work, you're destined to become a great engineer. The demand for qualified engineers is soaring, presenting exciting opportunities across diverse sectors.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are either:

  • Higher Mathematics at grade C or above and another relevant Higher, usually Physics or Engineering Science,
  • a NC Mechanical (or other relevant NC course) at SCQF Level 6

Don't meet these formal qualifications? No problem – your experience or training could still open doors. We consider applicants with diverse backgrounds, so reach out and explore your possibilities.

For part-time/day release options, contact the department at lynn.anderson@ayrshire.ac.uk

Course Content

Dive into a curriculum that balances theory with practicality. In this course, you may:

  • explore basic mechanical engineering principles: including statics and strength of materials, dynamics, and thermofluids
  • delve into thermofluids: for engineering systems solutions
  • investigate dynamics and motion: solving problems related to linear and angular motion, impulse, conservation of momentum, work, energy, and power
  • examine statics and strength of materials in-depth
  • study pneumatic and hydraulic systems: their operation, maintenance, and hands-on fluid power circuit design
  • engage in engineering design for manufacturing processes: crafting your design solutions
  • analyse materials and learn to select the right ones for diverse products
  • develop skills in engineering drawings: revision, and documentation control
  • master the operation of a commercial CAD system: for 2D engineering drawings

Next Steps and Career Opportunities

Your journey doesn't end here; it's a launchpad to various opportunities:

  • move onto a relevant HND course, like HND Mechanical Engineering at another college
  • progress to an engineering degree at university
  • pursue a Modern Apprenticeship in diverse engineering disciplines

For part-time/day release options, contact the department at lynn.anderson@ayrshire.ac.uk.

Why Choose This Course?

This course goes beyond theory, offering practical skills for real-world applications. Gain meta skills and transferable skills that set you apart in the competitive engineering landscape. Join us in shaping the future of engineering, where possibilities are limitless. Your journey begins now!

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Start Date

Aug 2024

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