Ayrshire College adapts to new way of working

Ayrshire College adapts to new way of working

Although Ayrshire College closed its campuses in March 2020 in response to the coronavirus crisis, in line with government advice, the College responded swiftly by bringing its learning and teaching online.

Tens of thousands of hours of learning are being delivered online by colleges in Scotland every week.

With colleges having recently been highlighted as an essential part of Scotland’s economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis, Ayrshire College is keen to make everyone aware that the college route is here to support them and provide them with the skills that employers need.

In a video message uploaded to Ayrshire College’s YouTube channel, aimed at the wider Ayrshire community, College Principal Carol Turnbull explained how the College is adapting to its new working environment and how it is planning for the next academic year.

Carol said: “I don’t underestimate for a minute how hard this has been for you. People are worried about their family and friends, how we manage day to day living during lockdown,  and everyone is feeling anxious and uncertain about the future.

“Don’t be downhearted though, one thing I am sure of is, that there will be better times ahead. The College will open its doors again and we will be with our friends and colleagues again. We are a huge part of the Ayrshire community and we’ll be an essential part of Scotland’s economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis. I want you to know that the college is here to support you and to give you the information you need.

“The College is open for business - we are just operating a bit differently. We are here right now to offer any help you need. We update our website regularly with some questions and answers about the things that matter to you.

“For those of you who want to come to college next year, we’re here to help you choose a course that’s right for you. You’ll see lots of activity on social media just now, full of ideas of courses and careers you can start with us.”

Applications for College courses due to start in Autumn 2020 can be made online at Ayrshire College’s website. Alternatively, you can arrange a time to go through the application process over the phone with Ayrshire College’s Student Services team, by first emailing studentservices@ayrshire.ac.uk.

4 May 2020

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