Music students get creative under Covid constraints

Music students get creative under Covid constraints

Music students at Ayrshire College have been soundly adapting to the current Covid-19 restrictions, as they begin taking on live performance projects.

The unfamiliar sight of facemasks in music videos has not fazed Ayrshire's talented student musicians as they work together on their performances.

HND Music students Mikey Duffin, Ryan Johnston and Lewis Wise recently worked together on a special Halloween video - 'The Kidnapping of John Ryanson Part 1 & 2'.

Other student bands such as Access to Music's 'F.Y.B' and 'Purple Majesti' have also showcased their talents by uploading their first rehearsal videos to social media.

Ryan Johnston, 22 from Largs, said: "I had a great time on this project. We had to think and work creatively to work around the restrictions, and work with each other to produce a great piece of work to showcase our musicianship!"

Lewis Wise, 23 from Maybole, said: "Working and performing on the Halloween video with my classmates was great fun. I learned an awful lot, as we improvised what we thought would make a funny video. We had to consider social distancing and put safety measures such as safety screens in place while we worked on the project."

Mikey Duffin, 30 from Ayr, said: “Well, working under Covid-19 restrictions has not been easy but in the same vein it meant we had to be concise in our takes for the video. Of course Covid-19 has been annoying but we've found it's actually easy enough to work around if you work safely and creatively. You just need to have the right mindset."

John McBlain, Lecturer in Music and Sound Production at Ayrshire College, said: "It's a proud lecturer moment for me, seeing these pieces come together. The students' performances have been filled with creativity, an incredible work ethic, and dedication to the production."

You can watch Ayrshire College's music students' performances on Twitter at @Ayrshire_music.

6 November 2020

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