Ayrshire College features in BBC programme

Ayrshire College features in BBC programme

Ayrshire College’s Science department took part in the final episode of the series of BBC One Scotland’s Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers, shown on Wednesday 15 December.

Science lecturer Derek Walls led presenter Paul Murton through an experiment at the College’s Kilmarnock Campus.

As the Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers’ journey came to the River Ayr, the programme discussed how Ayrshire engineer William Murdoch produced coal gas by heating coal in a kettle.

The production company behind the programme put out a call to educators in Ayrshire to demonstrate this on television, and Ayrshire College’s Science department delivered.

Derek Walls, Science lecturer at Ayrshire College, said: “The filming was great. It was a good opportunity for the College's Science department to get involved in something like this and show what we're capable of.

“It went smoothly, we had everything prepared before they arrived, and we were able to carry out the experiment twice thanks to the lab technician and colleagues who were assisting off camera.

“Paul was great – the whole crew were. It was filmed in the summer, so we were under a bit of restrictions in terms of the number of people allowed in the lab. But he was great, he asked questions at different points, and I tried to answer them as best I could. I think he quite enjoyed getting involved in the experiment as well.”

Episode 6 of Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers can now be watched on the BBC iPlayer (starts 8:37).

17 December 2021

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