Ayrshire College students experience River Ayr rowing

Ayrshire College students experience River Ayr rowing

Uniformed Services students at Ayrshire College were recently given a taste of inland rowing at the River Ayr.

The students had a go at sliding seat rowing, fixed seat rowing and canoeing thanks to a session organised by Scottish Rowing, the Outdoor Partnership Ayrshire, and South Ayrshire Council.

Scottish Rowing is based in Strathclyde Country Park and has an existing relationship with the University of the West of Scotland, whose students also spent time rowing in the River Ayr.

The Ayrshire College students loved their first taste of rowing, and Scottish Rowing’s Coaching and Development Manager Mark Senter revealed that students rowing in the river could soon become a regular sight.

Mark said: "Bringing rowing to the River Ayr has been a four-year dream. Covid hasn't helped - we could've advanced it quicker - however we've now secured funding from the council to put in infrastructure; a pontoon for access into the river.

"This could become a regular activity. The purpose of engaging with the college and the university is because we want to get young people to start learning how to teach, instruct and coach. To get them that confidence - so they don't just do the rowing, they'll actually teach each other. Get the kids down from schools or people from the local community and teach them."

Ayrshire College student Jodylea Scott said: "I took part in a group row aboard a four-person vessel. Although we got off to a shaky start, my team soon found our feet and our stride. The instructors from Scottish Rowing were very good and patient with us all. Patience was certainly required as I took to the water on my own, and I was supported by a lovely instructor who managed to get me back to the bay which surprised me.

"Water activities are not something I have experienced before. The experience was brilliant, and I look forward to any further events in the future."

Classmate Ben Follett added: "The rowing was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it!"

Uniformed Services is an Ayrshire College course for anyone interested in a career in the uniformed or emergency services, such as the Police, Fire or Ambulance Service, the Armed Forces or Prison Service.

Students on the course regularly make visits to outdoor areas and services base locations to gain experience and learn communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

10 of this year's Uniformed Services group were also assisting at the Pedal Ayr cycling event on 12 September.

24 September 2021

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