Colin Hay contributes to Ayrshire College charity album

Colin Hay contributes to Ayrshire College charity album

Legendary Ayrshire-born singer-songwriter Colin Hay is the stand-out name on Sun Turtle Records’ new 21-track compilation album, ‘Lockdown Sessions Vol 1’, released today (4 June). 

The Ayrshire College record label’s latest project showcases the Ayrshire music community’s incredible spirit and determination shown throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

With musicians and bands still unable to fully rehearse, record and perform live, Sun Turtle Records decided to embrace the DIY ethos adopted by many artists by putting together the album ‘Lockdown Sessions Vol 1’, which provides a platform for artists who have remained hard at work during the pandemic.

Each of the 21 tracks have been recorded at home, with the Men at Work lead singer Colin Hay agreeing to record an exclusive version of his solo hit ‘Next Year People’ for the album.

All proceeds raised through sales of 'Lockdown Sessions Vol 1' will be split equally between the Ayrshire Hospice and Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Sun Turtle Records’ A&R team reached out to Colin Hay and after negotiating with his lawyer and Sony Publishing to secure a free license, Colin was “onboard for his hometown and the charities”.

Colin even took the time to send the students a special video message about the process of his recording.

Getting Colin involved in the project is a major success for the Ayrshire College students and the Sun Turtle Records record label. The album is set for an exclusive digital release via the Sun Turtle Records Bandcamp on June 4th 2021 and features contributions from previous Sun Turtle Records artists JOG, Mannequin Mannequin as well as this year’s The Voice UK semi-finalist, Jeremy Levif, and a host of Ayrshire based artists.

The full tracklist is:

  1. Colin Hay – Next Year People
  2. JOG – The Opers I Ration
  3. Mannequin Mannequin – Rose Thorn
  4. Annabel Louise – Winter Coat
  5. Rachel - Ghost
  6. Jeremy Levif - Puzzle
  7. I Shake Like Static – Let’s Go Nowhere
  8. Bunni - Ours
  9. Lori Smith – Japenese Gardens
  10. Sean McGeouch – Champagne and Strawberries
  11. Royal Bloom – In A Way (Acoustic)
  12. Ken O’Hara – The Angel with Just One Wing
  13. Sir Cerise - Seventeen
  14. Stereo Fire – Obsessed With You
  15. Polly – Dye Wanna Run
  16. Christie Oliver ft. Adam Scott - Crazy
  17. NOVA - Animal
  18. Stepping on Violets – My Mind’s Muses
  19. Dream Kids – Stay Safe With Me (Bluewave Remix)
  20. Beneath a Steel Sky – The Infinite Silence That Follows the Absolute Truth
  21. Liam James Tulpa – Connection, In the Stillness of Now

Murray Baxter, Lecturer in Music & Sound Production at Ayrshire College, said: "This project was born from the prospect of having no releases this year due to Covid, and suddenly it became a massive project that added to the excitement of a challenging year. Securing Colin Hay's involvement was a pipe dream, and it is an amazing achievement. It shows you what kind of person he is too. It was a really exciting time negotiating with his team and having him send over photos of his studio and a video message to our students." 

As well as last month's charity single release for Ayrshire College #PassingPositivity campaign, 'Don't Forget Who You Are' by Jai McDowall, Sun Turtle Records has released two other pieces of music recently, KINGFISHER’s A/A single ‘Bon Voyage’ and Calypso Jet’s EP ‘Nineties’.

KINGFISHER is an alternative indie three-piece band featuring two former HNC/D Sound Production students of Ayrshire College. Their drummer, a former student and classmate, sadly died in 2018 and the band have released ‘Bon Voyage’ in his memory, using a poem that they found he had wrote as the lyrics for one of the songs.

Calypso Jet, also known as Blair Innes, is an electronic/dance/house music artist who was also a Sound Production student at Ayrshire College. His track ‘Love Me Better’ was recently BBC Radio Scotland's Track of the Week, with the music video arranged and edited by two Ayrshire College Access to HNC Music students, Kerri Alison and Nicole Kilpatrick.

4 June 2021

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