Society Matters for Ayrshire College students

Society Matters for Ayrshire College students

The Humanities department at Ayrshire College has published a week’s worth of fascinating content for their annual ‘Society Matters’ project.

‘Society Matters Week’ saw students, lecturers and special guests produce engaging videos and articles. They offered thought-provoking insights into how modern society has been shaped by culture, psychology, history, feminism, sociology, religion, and political movements.

In previous years, students and staff at Ayrshire College have held their Society Matters conference on campus. However due to the ongoing restrictions placed on indoor events, the decision was made to take this year’s activities online.

Social Science lecturer Elizabeth Brown started the week with a video series on sociology, with episodes ‘The Sociology of Friendship’ and ‘Making sense of suicide’ available to watch on Ayrshire College’s YouTube channel. There were also videos published about criminology, psychology, and history – specifically looking at the impact of War on disease and medical advancements.

A special podcast episode with Humanities Curriculum Managers Elaine Zenati and Colin Ross was recorded by John McBlain of Rockpool Podcasts (an Ayrshire College affiliated podcast), which is available to listen to on Spotify.

The final piece of content published for ‘Society Matters Week’ was the fourth edition of the popular ‘Society Matters’ journal. The articles written by Humanities students from across Ayrshire College highlighted that life went on despite lockdown, how we all value ‘normal’ life and human contact, and how proud we are of getting through this year and are now looking forward to the future.

Elaine Zenati, Curriculum Manager for Humanities at Ayrshire College, said: “I am thrilled that our learners and staff have been able to showcase their knowledge and skills in such challenging times and immensely proud that #societymatters week honours their achievements. We’ve been able to celebrate how much society matters to all of us, and although our circumstances might be very different, lockdown hasn’t stopped us, and in fact has made us a stronger, more vibrant college community who is actively making a difference.”

21 June 2021

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