Free hot meals for Ayrshire College students

Free hot meals for Ayrshire College students

Ayrshire College students are now able to get free porridge and soup when they are at college. 

By showing their student card at Ayrshire College’s campus refectories, students are able to take away a free flavoured porridge pot in the morning, and a free cup of soup at lunchtime.

The Ayrshire College Student Association secured funding from Ayrshire College’s Mental Health Fund to make this happen, advocating that good nutrition supports health and wellbeing and has a positive impact on a person’s ability to learn successfully.

Funding has been put in place to keep the free porridge and soup initiative running until at least the end of the next academic year, 2022-23. Ayrshire College has offered free soup to students in the past thanks to Ayrshire College Foundation funding.

Ayrshire College students on campus have been quick to take up the offer.

Charlotte Mitchell, the Ayrshire College Student Association Advisor who submitted the funding application, said: “It’s important to us that students are set up for a healthy start at college, and we’ve had a great response to this initiative so far. The porridge pots are sealed so students are able to take them away and enjoy them at a time convenient to them.”

Elaine Hutton, Assistant Principal of Curriculum at Ayrshire College, said: “It’s fantastic that once again we can offer our students free soup and porridge as they return to on campus learning. I know our students really appreciate this, especially in these challenging times when food and fuel costs are escalating and impacting on household finances.”

8 April 2022

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