Students enjoy Ayrshire College Freshers’ events

Students enjoy Ayrshire College Freshers’ events

The Ayrshire College Student Association has welcomed new and returning students to college life by holding a series of Freshers’ events last week.

Events were held on every Ayrshire College campus, with stallholders from a wide range of organisations in attendance to talk to students and give them advice for the academic year ahead.

Ayrshire College Student Association President, Linda Corbett, is working alongside Student Vice President Tim Chan as part of the new Student Association team for 2023/24. Freshers Week provided the opportunity to speak with students to raise awareness of what they do.

The Student Association organises freshers’ events every year at the start of term, to help students become more comfortable with the college environment, make new friends and find out what help is available to them.

Linda said: “Thanks to the organisations that attended the events. The information, advice and support they gave to students is invaluable, plus it was a great opportunity for us at the Student Association to get to know some of our colleagues and partners in the community.

“And of course, there are all the amazing students who turned out in force and really made Freshers 2023 go off with a bang, so a massive thank you to them as well.

“Students benefitted from a range of freebies which will see them through the year such as pens and stationery, sustainable period products, as well as enjoying free pizza from Domino’s.

“Another big hit was the facepainting offered by our Make-up Artistry students, which proved very popular, with the students doing an incredible job. We're so happy with how the events went and are now hatching some plans for the rest of the year!"

Visit this Student Association page for more information about the team. 

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