Health, Fitness and Exercise student wins funds for start up

November 20, 2020 - Jane Moore

Based in Troon, Lucy specialises in helping clients unlock their fitness potential. Here she gives us an insight into her business, Coach Lucy, where she trains, educates and motivates individuals who are looking to change their lifestyle.

My business

I worked in the leisure industry throughout my time at college and university, working for five different gyms at the time. I had always wanted to work with the general population and help each client become fitter through exercise, and that’s when I considered starting up my own business.

I initially started with three clients, around two years ago, and helped them on their journey as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutrition advisor. I decided to go with the name Coach Lucy as I am so focused on helping my clients unlock their own potential. The one main thing I believe as a coach is: “A trainer affects the hour they are with someone. A coach affects the hours they are not with someone.”

Ultimately my goal is to help my clients invest in themselves. I want to help educate them so that the changes we make from working together are long-lasting.


I really believe that what you put into a project, you get out. I like to put in 100% and I’m very much part of the process. I wish there were 100 hours in a day!

I was invited to speak at a few Bridge 2 Business events at Ayrshire College to talk to students about how I started my own business. I also hosted a workshop with Lynn Kelly, Programme Executive for the Bridge 2 Business, to inspire students on the importance of Digital Marketing. I’ve worked hard to build my brand and was happy to share my experience.

I also recently completed a short Business course at Ayrshire College, which gave me the opportunity to look at the practical business side of Coach Lucy. Coaching is more my thing, so it helped me focus on what I needed to do in terms of the business. It also gave me the chance to work with different people, develop ideas and have productive discussions with a like-minded group.

Future aspirations

The funding I’ve received from the Ayrshire College Foundation Enterprising Student’s Fund has not only going to help towards opening a gym in Troon, but also to help improve the digital side of my business. I’ve moved everything online, so it’s helped with the cost of developing a website, online membership, my cookbook and merchandise – all of which are fully e-commerce now.

Long term my plan is to have a health team of coaches, physiotherapists, produce my own merchandise, as well as run all my classes running under one roof.

If you have been inspired by Lucy and would like to find out more about the Enterprising Students Fund, read more here.

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