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    Digital Skills - Technology for the Terrified

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    6 Tuesday evenings (6:00pm-8:00pm)

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What's Involved

Course Description:

We live in a digital age where ICT and Digital Technology have become a part of our lives, to online shopping and connecting with friends and family, but it may seem a bit daunting and challenging to work your way through the technology jargon.

Our 6 week course will show you how to utilise the features of your smartphone, tablet or laptop, from sending an email, searching the web, or creating a letter and spreadsheet.

Throughout the course you will be shown how to do a range of tasks demonstrated by your lecturer in an easy step by step process from your own device to help you feel confident and staying safe online.

Course Content:

  • Emails – how to access and send emails through web clients such as outlook or gmail and how to identify spam
  • Browsing the internet – utilise the world of knowledge at your fingertips by smart searching and how to navigate websites
  • Internet safety – how to protect yourself from phishing, scams and viruses lurking online
  • Microsoft Office – learn how to use applications such as Word and Excel to create simple documents

Additional Information:

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, just a keen interest in learning new technology.

Bring along your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to learn on your device or use our college PC’s


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Start Date

24 Jan 2023

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